LCD TV, Television, tips

SHARP AQUOS LCD TV LC-24LE440M/LC-29LE440M/LC-39LE440M Frimware instal update

LCD TV, Television, tips


Sharp LCD 32LE240M

Service mode for 4 sharp product use:

  1. SMM Product
  2. LE430M ( WINSTRON )
  3. LE440M ( ORION )
  4. LC-22LE420M
  5. LC-29LE507i



  • Press button Input + Vol- + Power(button TV)  || wait until the letterK
  • Press button Vol- + Ch-  || until the service menu appears
  • Press button <- -> for menu mute enter and mute menu
  • Press button Menu 1147 || for Orion Model (LE440M)
  • Press button Menu 3481 || for LC- 22LE420M and  LC- 29LE507I
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LCD TV, Television, tips

SHARP LCD TV LC-32LE240M/340M/240M-RD,WH/340M-RD,WH Public Mode Setting Procedure

LCD TV, tips

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