Data Sheet MP3 and MP4 Player

Data Sheet MP3 and MP4 Player Service Manual and Hardware Problem Solution

Schematic Download
ACU7515_BDzx-6053l-tsls20sch Download
AK Scheme Download
alex-algoritma-00   Download
Alex-algoritma-01 Download
Alex-algoritma-02 Download
ALi MP3 Player Recovery and Hacking Download
atj2085w Download
HY27UG(08_16)4G(2_D)M_Series(Rev.0.7) Download
HY27UH08AG(5_D)M%20(Rev0.4) Download
mp4  Download
Onda Clone TS 568 2.8 TFT Rockchip 2608 Schematic.   Download
RK27xx Series player Dead Recovery Download
2706_SCH   Download
Samsung Semiconductor   Download
Samsung YP-U3_HowToUpgradeFW   Download
schematic of a mp4 use ak1025 and a display 1.8   Download