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Acer Aspire One 725 Over Heating Solutions

giant_10562 A month ago, I encountered a friend who has a problem with acer aspire one 725. problem is after a laptop turned on, the laptop suddenly turn off without cause.

after I check on the outside of the laptop fan, fan generated temperature is not too hot, I had thought that this laptop is a problem in the software,
I tried to reinstall this laptop using the USB bootable. but when I start enter the boot menu on the laptop, the laptop suddenly turn off again by itself.

so I guess this’ll have to disassemble the laptop in order to know the real situation occurs, after I disassemble the laptop casing, I was quite surprised because there are a lot of garbage on the edge of the casing is open, it turns out that the garbage coming from the processor cooling pads to dry and become garbage.

perhaps the quality of the processor in a laptop cooling pad has poor quality, so the cooling pads become dry and cracked.
step I did was to replace the processor cooling pads that I can from the former CPU, I cut according to the size of the processor and the VGA chipset this laptop.

the bearings can stick with the chipset, I gave a smear of paste on it, and start re-assemble the laptop completely and turn it back on.
after being turned on, I waited 15 minutes to see samapai changes, turns the laptop back to normal running.

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