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Sony Vaio VGN-NR Series Schematics and Block Diagram

The schematic diagram for Sony M720 Mainboard (MBX-182), fit SONY VAIO VGN-NR Series: VGN-NR110E, VGN-NR11M, VGN-NR120E, VGN-NR310, VGN-NR32M, VGN-NR220E, VGN-NR140E, VGN-NR160E, VGN-NR110E, VGN-NR260E, PCG-7133L, VGN-NR310, VGN-NR498E, VGN-NR180E, VGN-NR460E……..
CPU: Merom
North Bridge: Crestline 945GM
South Bridge: ICH8-M
Document Number: M720-1-01
Rev: 1.0

Download: Vaio VGN-NR Series.pdf

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